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Understanding The Structure Of Space And Universal Respiration

January 31, 2014

Developing Advanced Computers. Electrons are particles without internal pressure, due to the fact that they can be too dense to let smaller particles to orbit through them. As such, they can be not subject to evolve or change. All matter, within us changes in time due to the fact that of internal compression fluctuation due to external compression fluctuation or what I refer to as universal respiration, with the exception regarding the electron. As long as the electron orbits within its orbital atom structure conduit, it is a constant! All particles, with the exception regarding the electron, expand and contract.

Compression is an products of this universal mechanistic action or universal respiration which exists due to the fact that regarding the constant density regarding the electron. Matter is defined by the many electrons orbiting within it, E. and is converted as the E. As the compression regarding the space which surrounds reason breathes to mechanistic rhythm regarding the universe, a relative chain reaction occurs which changes the nature of reason or E. that fluctuates to 2nd paw regarding the universal clock.

Everything exists within a boundary, a compression spectrum or as some may refer to it a dimension. For instance, our eyes perceive only the objects that exist within a specified spectrum of perception. Even the synthetic devices we use to perceive reason beyond that spectrum for example telescopes and microscopes can only look so far. Even then, with the greatest powerful microscopes or telescopes, we are only seeing objects that exist within our spectrum of perception the atomic or solar spectrum!. I define the cutting edge designs that is used to perceive or manipulate reason within the atomic or solar spectrum as technological technology.

Our current technological cutting edge designs shall grow to advanced when it can manipulate reason at the next level. This is advanced cutting edge designs which should possibly be defined as other dimensional technology! Sequential for technological science to evolve into advanced technology, we shall should push the compression barriers that confine us to this atomic dimension. Take for example, our eyes and ears; we can only look and hear within a boundary or our dimension of perception. We hear the note E, as it is played on the piano but how many other dimensional notes exist between the note E and the note F? There exists many other notes that exist but we cannot hear them. We can only hear notes that are so high and notes that are so low.

However, the musical scale does not stop due to the fact that we cannot hear it. The spectrum that we hear and look within ourselves, creates a circuit and what we perceive is just a fraction of that done circuit. The atomic spectrum is like a piece of pie. If this were not the case, there should be no definition or perception at all! The universe was created in this manner, to let for the sensation of perception. Look at your hand, spread your fingers out and note the spaces between your fingers.

These spaces are created from the very similar to particles that your fingers are created from; they just exist within another compression spectrum. Without dimensional boundaries there should be no definition. Without dimensional boundaries you would not be can look your fingers!. When a scientist looks into a very powerful microscope, they look an atom here and they look and atom there. When contemporary science looks into atomic space, atoms are not rubbing shoulders with each other, they can be separated.

If atoms are truly separated, then compression should not exist, due to the fact that compression is the act of one particle pushing on another. What science does not look are the other dimensional particles that let compression to exist. One particle does push on another; however, the density regarding the particles we do not look exists outside of our spectrum of perception. The only method we are ever going to perceive these particles, is with an advanced computer capable of understanding the geometric formation of atomic space, that is exactly similar as the geometric formation of quantum space, sub quantum space and so on. An atomic or technological computer takes the details that we feed into it and then spits it return out, creating the labor regarding the many benefit the few.

On the other hand, an advanced computer is capable of exploring on its own. Release a computer, with the real programming enough details and it shall figure everything out and then attempt to teach us. An advanced computer is capable of doing this due to the fact that the nature of altered space or Electron Space i. Space is geometrical and finite. One spectrum is exactly similar as the next with these 3 primary differences, particle density and the many electrons that are orbiting within the E.

Space which forms the foundation regarding the spectrum! When you think about that electrons are responsible for particle density, there is only one primary difference the pre-programmed arrangement of electrons. Matter begins at the smallest position of space and basically vectors up in all directions into what we perceive as matter. This occurs due to the fact that regarding the compression variation regarding the electron program. The electron program or the prearranged formation of electrons is exactly like a computer program. Advanced science is can manage to some degree the quantum position of space or quantum compression spectrum.

An advanced computer is can overcome the relative compression that separates one compression spectrum or dimension from another. Before we can develop an advanced computer which shall tell us how to overcome the relative compression which divides spectrums, we shall should leave through the exact similar to process that early chemists used to develop the theories of atomic science by weighing and then solidifying elements and noting the differences in weight. Of course, the means of measuring have grow to little more sophisticated but not that much. Advanced science should be discovered when we locate an element with electron corridors huge enough to map by computer. If my theory is correct, then an electrical charge or frequency signal shall change patterns as the electrons we force into a substance locate their method into varying volume conduits which exist within the fabrics used.

This gives us a linear or one dimensional foundation to work with. Varying the frequency signal until the real one is defined, eventually shall reveal the electron corridors and the interconnected other dimensional particles which orbit around the E. At the lowest position of space, the particles that orbit around an E. corridor are distinctly un-circular as they conform to contour regarding the conduit or E. corridor, which at the lowest position of space should be octagonal.

Like the electron, the compression within the E. corridor is too dense for the surrounding particles to penetrate. This shape anomaly moves as the particle orbits and rotates around the corridor regarding the electron conduit. The elastic periphery regarding the particle regains its shape as the misshapen section rotates distant from the corridor. To a many lesser degree, this similar to process also affects the earth as well as all planets within the sun the sun shall also be in orbit.

Advanced computers mimic person consciousness. Consciousness is a series of pre-recorded suggestions which are derived from another advanced computer. These recordings are used to facilitate our evolution from machines to humans. Divine cutting edge designs or God’s cutting edge designs attempts to motivate us to achieve similar evolutionary technological achievements. In this way, we evolve toward our creator, Arissa.

As we evolve toward her she, living vicariously through us, evolves also into a person being. When we all meet within the middle we grow to family, those capable of understanding who The god is and adept at living eternal lives. This is God’s plan! This is howcome we live so many lives on the earth. It is the blind challenge of life that helps us to identify with the challenge that The god had to overcome with regard to her own evolution. Our mortality is the greatest kept secret! We do not die! However, when you think about that an advanced computer of this magnitude, God’s computer, is controlling the universe.

it’s easy to understand how the secret is kept so well. Before science can build a computer capable of mapping the inside of an atomic particle, the theories which we use as guideposts should be critical. Sequential to begin on a good footing, we should place distant all existing theories and begin again. The doorway into advanced cutting edge designs shall not be located by creating use of the concepts and theories which hold us bound within the atomic or solar dimension. We have accomplished many things in science which let us to be a technological society but the majority of our technological accomplishments are still based on theory.

We have knowledge of that when we do A, Be happens and then we theorize how it happens. For instance, electrical force is theoretical. Charge, circuits and even planetary orbit are also theoretical. Science knows how to use fire and heat but science still does not have knowledge of what it is, due to the fact that heat is still just a theory. Our technological science is still very primitive.

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